You can be what you want to be

You can do all you want to do

It’s all here - it’s in the head - it’s all here…


I don’t know why you’re feeling so sad

I’ve got the music and I have no worries

In my heart, I desire tomorrow

I feel the fire as it burns in my soul

Jowo Baba Eledumare, wa sure fun wa

Jowo Baba Eledumare, wa gbo o (2ce)


Forget the world, it’s so full of injustice,

Forget the pain in your heart, it’s all over

If your dreams are strong, they’ll take you there

Come feel the fire as it burns in this your place

Jowo Baba Eledumare, wa sure fun wa

Jowo Baba Eledumare, wa gbo o (2ce)


I believe my heart can’t be wrong

I’ve seen tomorrow and I know where I’m going

If your dreams are strong, they’ll take you there

Come feel the fire as it burns in this your place…



I’ll tell you what she thinks in her pretty mind

She’s thinking what to wear to catch your eyes

She wags her tail so loud in the market place

Doesn’t seem to have a care in the world

But I can tell you - behind the mask,

She wants to be loved like every other person, because

A woman wants to be loved

A woman wants flowers and romance

A woman wants to be cared for

Someone to belong to


I’ll tell you what she does when she is alone

She prays to God “Oh Lord, give me a man!”

A man who cares to play 50-50 and fair

Someone to pay the bills and love her through the night

But I can tell you - after all the games

She’s waiting for your “Yes, I do”, because

A woman wants to be loved…

She wants to be your lover and your mother, no wonder

She builds a tent in your heart to be sure you remain pure…



Oh what a day I met you baby

I was the man without a hope

And all my dreams were going nowhere

You pulled me up and here is where I am, oh what a day!

I’ve got the feeling can’t you see

I’ve got the fire in my soul

I’ve got the rhythm can’t you see

I’ve got the passion and the thrill


Oh what a night I held you baby

The stars were bright in the sky

And in my heart there was an emptiness

You filled it up and gave me all of you


Fire burning up in there

People running up and down

Got you baby and that’s okay

It’s all I want, it’s all I need…



We had a dream to build a great nation

We had a desire to rule the world

We lost our way and we should have turned around

But all we do is keep on going wrong

How many more years of sorrow will come?

How many more wars will we fight?

Dear Africa I’m worried for you

Come on and tell me, what (are) we going to do?

Tell me where we going to go for love?

Where we going to go for hope?

Show me how we going to live without justice

How we going to live together?


We’ve got the children scattered all over the world

They contribute to those economies

Back in the land the forest has become a desert

We shift the blame from one to the other

How much more blood are we going to shed?

How many more kids will go to war?

Dear Africa I’m down on my knees

Come on and tell me what (are) we going to do?


The sky is bright and the music is high

The spirits of our fathers returning home

Dear Africa give me some hope

Come on and tell me what (are) we going to do…



Green meadows through the window

Time is static; my heart is full of fire

Take me higher; light so bright and near

Take me higher, over the hills and

Lift me over, above the clouds

Carry me on your wings of an eagle

Give me your peace so cool

I’m willing to go - willing, I’m willing to go…


Mystery spirit of the night

Guardian spirit of the day

Watch my footsteps, be in my eyes

Take my hands in your hands…



All my life I have sought for real joy and peace of mind

All I wanted was to be a winner

I’ve climbed my hills and I have swum the deepest rivers

But I am not fulfilled, so I beg of you

Jah what is my mission?

I’ve got to have a vision

You know life is such an illusion and everything is in vain

I’ve come to take a decision on my present situation

So I’m waiting to hear from you, speak on Lord

I’m awaiting the voice from heaven


The rain will fall for both the good and the evil

Seasons come and they go

The sun will surely shine in the sky tomorrow

But I may not be here so I beg of you

Jah what is my mission?


In my heart there’s an emptiness, I don’t know what to do

Open my eyes and bless my tongue so I may sing of your love…



I knew you son as a little baby

In a rambling house just down the road

With other kids in an orphanage kept

You learned to rise and walk before your time

So many times I saw how you suffered

But not for once did tears caress your face

You learned to grow in an unfeeling world

One day you left to find your destiny


I see you son, you’re sweating in the hot sun

Grasping a shovel, carrying heavy loads

The hair is grey at the young age of nineteen

But in your pains you kept your dreams alive

The world is filled with many who want something

What those who have don’t know how to use

Your chance will come, just be ready to grab it

Then you will rise; one day you’ll be away


I see you son, you’re coming into your own

I see the joy, the victory in your eyes

I told you son I knew all along I was right

One day you’ll rise and then you’ll be away…



Woke up this morning, got nowhere to go

Something in my heart tells me I shouldn’t cry

Tears are for babies, worries are for fools

Life will always bow down to the man with faith

I have climbed the mountains and I have seen the valley

Here is everything I’m always longing for

So it doesn’t matter whatever they say

I know where my destiny is taking me, and all my brothers say

Give it all it takes, and I’ll give it all I know

Give it all my heart and all my soul


I’ve just said my prayers with a breath of fire

Bright is the day that will follow the night

I have a little son and he thinks I am great

In his trusting eyes I see a world of love

Said I’ve been there before, the valley of death

And the all-seeing father says it’s okay

So it doesn’t matter whatever they say

I know where my destiny is taking me…



Hear the voices from the depth of the ocean

Don’t you know they died for you?

Now you’re living a life of abandon

Don’t you know it’s a shame?

Your brothers died so you’ll be a free man

Free from materialism and lust

You’re living fine your neighbour is hungry

Don’t you know you’re a shame to all of us…


The world has seen so many rich people

Tell me where they gone now?

The man who sows good seeds will never die

Lives in the heart of the people

You’ll do anything to make another dime

Sell your mother to get along

When you die, your memory will fade away

Some strangers will grab all you had…


Don’t you know to give is such a blessing

Don’t you when you give you will receive ten-fold…



Dry days, dry winds; hope is knocking at the door

Rain is going to fall today

Worn thin, worn out but I’m still full of life

Very soon I will be strong again

The rain is going to fall

The sun is going to shine

Soon I will be fine

The rain is going to fall


Wet nights, wet dreams; love is knocking at the door

Sun is going to shine today

Blown dry, blown out but I’m still number one

In no time she’s coming home again


A man with a dream is a lonely man…


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