Happiness is a choice my friend

Reach for it, make the move

Love is here when you need it

Can you feel it, feel it, deep in the groove?

These are not the words we throw over the fence

To a naughty neighbour in anger

These are not the careless words we spit

When drunk and filled with self-importance, no…

"Beloved one, shorn of character
Lamenting a lack of luck
But how can you feast with Vultures
And then hope to shelter with Pigeons?"

And she said to me, "This could be the one
That would change the way the game is played"
Said to me, “This could be the moment
When everything changes for the better
And what a beautiful thing that would be -
What a beautiful day it’s going to be!"

"Sometimes I wish I could fly like a bird in the sky - away, away
With the love and the strength of the fathers
On the wings of the spirit of the sky
In the warmth of the bosom of the mothers
With the knowledge and the wisdom that I need
To set my people free, set my people free…"

"Burn your heartaches, leave the ashes in the past
Walk the sunlight shinning bright in the sky
Embrace joy!"

"Don’t know when the moment’s gonna come
They say it’s getting nearer, soon coming
Don’t know if the sky is gonna fall
In flaming red on Monday
Doesn’t matter who you are
When you are dancing with me..."

"You know that many of us, we miss those days of harmony
And we’ll like to see them again
You know that many of us, we miss those days of innocence
And we’ll like to see them again..."

"Sometimes bad things happen to good people
And no matter what you do, you can’t get out of your own way
The wind of change blows and soon things will be better
So remember, my friend, the pleasure is mine!"

"I’m saying prayers for you, my people
That if you walk, may you not stumble
And if you stumble, may you not fall
If you fall, may you be able to rise up
And if you can’t, may there be someone to help you up
If there’s no one, may you have music..."


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